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Practice Management
Additional users 1 Users 2 Users 3-5 Users 5+
Government Claims & ERAs (CMS, BCBS, Tri-Care, Railroad) 25 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Eligibility Verification 25 75 Unlimited Unlimited
Text Messaging & Patient Email Reminders Unlimited Unlimited
Billing and Clearing Houses
Connectivity & Maintenance to Outside Clearinghouses $24.95/Month $24.95/Month Included Included
Patient Statement Mailing Services $0.74/Each $0.74/Each $0.74/Each
Clinical Office (Certified EHR)
Add EHR for MD’s or DO’s. $99 $149 Included
Add EHR for Non MD or DO. $29 PP/PM $29 PP/PM Included
Patient Portal $39 PP/PM $39 PP/PM Included
Data Migration Services
Basic Data Migration $595 PP/OT $595 PP/OT Included
All Patient Demographics Insurance, with Insured same-as, Guarantor, and CPT codes