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Help Repeal the CMS Therapy Cap

CMS’s arbitrary cap on outpatient therapy services without regard to clinical appropriateness of care discriminates against the most vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries.

Take action by reviewing recent updates, emailing your legislator, and submitting a patient story.

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FreePT – Therapist Software!

Quality Calculation and Reporting
Home Exercise Programs
Pain Assessment
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Disability Index Reporting
Functional Assessments

FreePT offers 100% Free Billing Software that is Complete and Comprehensive and that replaces Medisoft, Lytec, and Kareo.

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech / Language

Software for Physical Therapy Billing & Charting

Our OT, SLP, and PT Billing System is complete and comprehensive and our SOAP Note EHR provides quick and easy charting of your therapy encounters. Both systems are permanently cost free to the single user, and if desired, the two systems can be easily combined to form a fully integrated therapy documentation and billing solution for just $118 per month per OT, SLP, or Physical Therapist.

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Best Practices In Physical Therapy Billing

 (12 Things Every Biller Must Know!)

“Although the number of injury diagnosis is vast, Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Billing focuses on the rehabilitative treatment procedures and activities rendered by the Therapist and their staff. And although there are more than 25 codes, the most commonly used Procedural Codes for Physical Therapy Billing are as follows:”

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